Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I am knitting two pairs of socks at the moment and these lovely blue pair of drops sock yarn are for my no.2.son who requested another pair. The pattern I'm using is from the lovely vogue book and is a standard rib - I need, however, to find a new pattern for the males in my family but I know that if I try and knit anything too fancy it will be rejected!
Definitely not rejected were the willowherb socks I knitted for my no.1.sons uni pal - this pattern was a delight to knit and according to my son went down well!  I like socks but my favourite knitting is garments.   My Dune is knitting nicely and I've reached the armhole shaping - I love this pattern and can't wait to wear it!  I have plans already for next garment but OTNs is Owls and Black which I must finish first!
Scarves and shawls are an attraction and at the moment I have a couple of each on the go. It's true to say my house is littered with knitting paraphernalia and I keep promising to sort it out but it never happens.   Lastly I have plans for one or two projects out of the last two editions of The Knitter magazine.   I shall need to live another 100ys to see me right!?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dune from Echoes

I am enjoying knitting the lovely "Dune" from Kim Hargreaves' latest book - Echoes which as you can see is a lovely textured cardigan. It's knit in Rowan Denim which I bought some years back for a bargain £40 for 20 balls.
Say it quickly and it doesn't sound a lot does it?
Over the years I must have spent a small fortune on wool and fabric, haby and general notions but that's the thing with knitting you don't notice it under the mist of I MUST HAVE IT!

At a knit club one week were informed of a small stash of kidsilkhaze at bargain price was to be had - my knit pal, Sally, and I immediately grabbed a bag each while our friend sat and said "what about ME?"  But you said it wasn't your colour, we replied!  For that price it's my colour she came back with and so we shared!

Next time I'm going to photograph my recent purchases and demonstrate my new approach that of assigning a pattern to it!  Hurrah if it works, blast it if it doesn't I've bought it anyway!

Other projects OTNs include Owls and Black both of which are on my ravelry project pages and I will blog about them later too.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Drops sock yarn

The lovely Drops sock yarn that I bought in a recent sale.  In addition I bought some "sock rocket" needles too!  Both needles and yarn are lovely.

Some socks OTNs

Some socks OTNs include a pair - top - in blue for no.2.son using some bargain priced Drops sock yarn and below, a pair of Regia both of which are vintage rib pattern from the lovely Vogue book of socks.

Photo testing

 I am testing how to upload photos to my blog as I already have dozens to share I would rather use my iPad to update my blog but it's not very photo friendly!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What a long time!?

I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged!  This time last year we were celebrating our eldest sons' graduation and in Australia!  And what have I done in the meantime?  Not much?  Well there had been some serious knitting and stashing and if you check out my projects page on ravelry you can see!
I shall try and remember to take photographs on my camera and share them!
My sons are still studying hard, dh is still unretired and working and I'm still managing to cling onto two days a week laughably called going out to work!
Knitting wise I have knitted the lovely Owligan and am knitting owls too by Kate Davies and have other projects OTNs eg Dune from latest Kim Hargreaves book - Echoes.
I will try and keep the blog going and keep you updated with knitting progress a bit more frequently!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happy Birthdays and winter knitting projects

Well no.2.son had his birthday at the end of July and we enjoyed a lovely meal out in town after an afternoon in the new library and cake and coffee in nearby Brindley Place.  It was my birthday this week and we had another meal to celebrate so thats all our family occasions finished with now!  next one is dh in January!!

I have my knitting projects for the winter all sorted, the yarns are sitting nicely in carrier bags and I just need to sort needles, prepare project pages on Ravelry and get started!  In the meantime I am working on my truesilk cardigan as I've let my knitting slip a bit this summer I'm getting behind.  I have knitted the heel flap on sock.2 of no.2.son's pair and finished the leg on mine (or it might be the other way around!  in other words I'm progressing if a little slowly).

We are looking forward to a holiday soon, we are going by ourselves and it will be the first time since we've had the children that this has happened so it should be an experience.  DH keeps trying to persuade no.1.son to come out with us, but he is being sensible and saving his money;  he will need it - he plans to return to Uni to take his Masters. 

The weather has been lovely lately and I have spent many hours outside catching the sun, what with my side effect from meds as being sensitive to sunlight I've managed to get a TAN!  at last!  I'm now not "white" like I normally am - people keep commenting on it and asking if I've been away yet.

No.2.son and I are watching Great British Bake Off and enjoying it and the whole family are watching Fringe from the beginning from a box set we bought no.1.son last Christmas - we've watched it but our no.2.son hadn't and we are all enjoying it and hoping to finish before they all scatter to return to uni!

Today I am going out on a grand day out with my knit-night pals - we are visiting a couple of local yarn shops and then having a celebratory meal for the occasion of our "anniversary" of getting together and becoming friends.  I love my weekly knit nights - its so nice to have non-football conversations!

We will find it strange this year.  no.1.son returns to Colchester Uni and no.2.son is moving out to a house share nearer to his Uni so it will be just the two of us (plus the cats of course!) - should be cheaper too!!  no more biscuits, crisps and pop!!

I will try and take some photographs of my winter knitting projects and upload them to ravelry and blog them as I progress in the coming weeks.